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Hello, I’m Sylvana d’Angelo a developer, artist and curator from Toronto, ON who lives and works in Vancouver, BC.

Partners & clients links:
Farm Boy Fine Arts
CAG Contemporary Art Gallery Vancouver
NUVO Magazine
Montecristo Magazine
Project Space
Vancouver Art/Book Fair
Studio Squash
Radicle Juice
Catalog Tree
Sav Technology

My portfolio outlines different forms of problem solving.

Art Direction: the visceral resonance of how a piece of work feels. What you feel in your gut when you look at a website, app, or any piece of design work. Described as clean and youthful my work focuses on the connection to be made between viewer and client in simple graphic form.

Design: the physical or literal aspects of a piece of work. Good design is measured in precision. Is a headline kerned? Do the baselines align? Do the colors vibrate? Is the image resolution too low for the medium? Work must adhere to the basic principles of graphic design, perfectly executed but with the element of surprise as a key component.

Strategy: the particular means used to achieve a particular goal. In digital design, my goal is based on the needs of the client, my strategy might be to target specific groups of people and execute a plan of action that appeals to them particularly.

I have received several editorial reviews calling my work “a physical experience for all types of viewers” and of my curatorial work; “she acknowledges the true nature of a curator, creating and cultivating an experience for artists and spectators alike”. Acknowledging the importance of forming a relationship with the viewer my work could be summed up as a connection between strangers, unifying ideas through shared experiences.